Community & Support

I wanted to make a space on this site where I can sincerely thank everyone that has helped me with this project. DigiDB wouldn’t be possible with the help of a lot of you out there who has assisted me in gathering new data for Hacker’s Memory, teaching me methods on getting the sprites from the games, and more.

Special thanks to:
Our Patrons – Miguel Ortiz and Donkey?
Radziu and @XelaIsPwn for assisting in Vita hacking to get the sprites from the game
@MallowyGoodness, @MarcusRalphson, razordrakegorz, @Yuki_Juudai and many more for data collection and validation

Enjoy the site? Please consider supporting it on Patreon! I’ve set up tons of awards and various tiers you can support with. Any amount is sincerely appreciated, and even if you can’t – just spreading the word and being a fan of the site is amazing too! I hope to continue to provide more for Hacker’s Memory to everyone here!

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