All Digimon Support Skills Are Now Updated

Updating the site with any details heavily in text was hard to do from a Japanese strategy, which is why all stats were updated first – but no need to wait any longer – Support Skills are now updated! I’ve finally finished the game and the Field Guide myself to complete this data, and ensure it’s accuracy 100%. I’ve double checked all balance changes from Cyber Sleuth, any renaming and issues in translation, and added all new Support Skills! There was a total of 30 new Support Skills, while the remaining new Digimon received one of the Support Skills originally found in Cyber Sleuth. A few Support Skills from Cyber Sleuth were tweaked for balance, and I believe the only old Digimon to technically receive a different support skill was PlatinumSukamon – who knows has Platinum Service instead of Platinum Bonus. The difference here being that Platinum Service only raises EXP earned in battle, while Platinum Bonus significantly raises EXP earned in battle (which PlatinumNumemon still retains). This was likely done to not grant such a large boost in EXP in early game since PlatinumSukamon is only a Champion level Digimon.

You can now find all Support Skills, both new and old, on the Support List page here. You may also view a Digimon’s Support Skills directly from their Digimon page as well on the site as always.

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