Digimon Move Data Has Been Updated

Ah, finally. 1,625 database lines of Digimon learning moves later – move data is now updated! Go ahead and check out the Move List page and any Digimon page, all of the Digimon have all of the moves they learn with every level, and what every move does!

The only data missing is the description for 11 moves. If any of you have the following Digimon in your game, please go to your game and send a screenshot of their Special Moves (with the description showing) to me on Twitter @DigimonDB! As this information comes in I’ll update the site with these statistics, and I’ll super appreciate it! The Digimon are:┬áLobomon, Strikedramon, BaoHuckmon, Monochromon, BurningGreymon, SaviorHuckmon, Pandamon, Matadormon, Varodurumon, MetalGarurumon (I only need Freezing Breath), and Arcadiamon Ultra.

While doing this move update, I also was able to double check a lot of data for past Cyber Sleuth Digimon. A couple moves here and there were changed. The only thing I couldn’t check was descriptions of old moves, so if any old moves were rebalanced, I may not have caught them. I’ve gone through change lists online to try and get as much as possible, so it should be all updated, but I haven’t been able to double check this myself in game. If anyone notices any inaccuracies in move data (really, the only thing that possibly could be would be descriptions of old Cyber Sleuth moves if they were rebalanced), be sure to tweet it at me and I’ll get on the update right away!

Edit: Someone has already sent over the remaining moves I need, so they are no longer needed!

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