[April Fools] Digimon Adventure 01 Side Quest Discovered with Tai Agumon in Hacker’s Memory

The Tai Costume Agumon was available as a pre-order DLC bonus in the first Cyber Sleuth, and while he shows up in the code for Hacker’s Memory, no one has been able to find the exclusive Digimon yet – until now. The method for receiving Tai Agumon is a big throwback to Digimon Adventure 01, and even unlocks an additional mission you can take on to interact with the Digi-Destined from Digimon Adventure 01.

To find Tai Agumon, you need to first fully complete a New Game+ game, then visit the Abyss Server. When going through the Abyss Server, you need to bring a specific party with you: Agumon, Gabumon, Biyomon, Palmon, Tentomon, Gomamon, Patamon, and Gatomon. These Digimon may be any level and know any skills, though you now must complete the entire Abyss server with just these 8 rookie Digimon. Actually well, one of them is a champion I suppose for some reason. At the end unlike usual though, there is a cutscene where you will run into a Tai Agumon that will join your team. The new Agumon mentions that he submitted a case on the bulletin board, but it was never answered. With Tai Agumon in your party, you’ll now be able to read and accept the case.

The case opens up a URL for File Island, where you get to meet and interact with the Digi Destined from Digimon Adventure 01, and even work with them in various partner battles.

The graphics seem to look a little dated in this section, I wonder if it was ever intended to be found.

The Digimon models in particular for this story section don’t match up with the rest of the game.

The battles for this mission work similarly enough to what we’re used to, but I can’t help but think that something seems off here…

The cell shading used here actually provides a nice level of detail not seen in the rest of the game.

The quest isn’t too long, but is quite fulfilling to be able to play through a scenario involving the original Digi-Destined. While I find it odd that no one has discovered this until now, perhaps it was slid into the game with the Apocalymon update? I’m hoping we’re able to find additional throwback missions, perhaps like a mission with Agunimon and Lobomon where Keisuke himself turns into a Digimon. That would be neat, wouldn’t it? What a great idea for a plot, they should make a TV show out of it one day.

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