New Evolution Charts are Available!

I originally said the Stat Calculator would be the next feature on the site, and while that’s going well – I apologize, but I made a new tool first! At the request of our new Ultra Level Patron Miguel Ortiz, I have developed and finished a new Evolution Chart page! To access it, either click on the “Evolution Chart” link on the left side bar, or click on “Evolution Chart” to the right of the Digivolves From column on any Digimon page. This will bring you to a page where you see in a visual tree chart form all the Digimon that digivolve from the selected Digimon.

While the page can get sort of long at the moment when you select a Mega or Ultra level Digimon, I feel that this is the best way to display it at the moment. At a quick glance you can see all Digimon of a certain level that digivolve from said Digimon, which is super helpful if for say, you want to see all of the Baby Digimon that turn into this selected Digimon, and which path you should take. You can highlight any Digimon within the tree to see the path, and click on any of them to be taken directly to the Digimon’s profile on the site.

Special thanks again to Miguel Ortiz, and see? It really pays off to be one of our patrons! You can support DigiDB directly by becoming one of our patrons here.

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