Welcome to the new DigiDB

Hacker’s Memory is here, and so are the new updates to the site! Like how it looks? Lets go over what is new here, what’s missing, and what will be coming soon here at DigiDB.
There is the blog here now you can find on the homepage. This is where I’ll be posting updates on the site, and soon news topics on Hacker’s Memory strategy such as competitive viability and discussion of Digimon, metagame advancements, and game strategy. I might be looking for writers eventually, so keep on the look out for that!

All Digimon from Cyber Sleuth should now be updated. This includes any stat or evolution changes. Any changes to moves that were in Cyber Sleuth however, are not done yet.

All new Digimon in Hacker’s Memory are in the database and updated with images and stats – with the exception of the new DLC Digimon that came out last week. The Hacker’s Memory Digimon do not yet have their support skills or move lists added. This will be coming in the near future and will be the next thing updated on the site.

Any evolution paths containing the new Digimon from Hacker’s Memory are on the site, but do not have the requirements filled out yet. This will be completed after the move lists and support skills are completed.

Every page from the old site is on the new site here, and accessible from the left sidebar navigation. If you’re on mobile, you can scroll to the bottom of the page to find the links, or click the hamburger icon on the top right hand corner of the page. The first new page to be made will be the Stat Calculator, where you’ll be able to calculate the stats of any Digimon, at any level, and with any nature and ABI investment. I’ve already begun coding this page, and the hard part is done. I’ll be ready to launch this soonish, around the time that the support skills are added for all new Digimon. I have the next page/tool planned to be made after the Stat Calculator, but I won’t reveal what that is just yet!

I hope you enjoy all of the new updates to the site, it’s been a tremendous amount of work to get this done so far. I’d like to give special thanks to¬†XelaIsPwn and Radziu for assisting me in figuring out how to get all of the Hacker’s Memory sprites – you won’t be able to find these anywhere else online, enjoy!

And finally, you’ll see that the @DigimonDB Twitter is now embedded in the left sidebar, and a few links to it elsewhere. Definitely drop a follow to that and feel free to @ me to talk Cyber Sleuth! Keep watch on that for any updates in regards to the site as well.

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