Sistermon Noir Sprites Are Now Available

Did you know? Sistermon Ciel and Sistermon Noir are the same Digimon. Identical. Same stats, same everything. The only thing that is different is their name and sprite. This only happened in the US version of Hacker’s Memory, which many speculate is due to a localization and censorship change. Since I’m from the US version and a majority of our sites readers are from the US, the default older Sistermon will remain Ciel, so this is what you will see in pages like Digimon List, Advanced Search, and any evolution charts. That being said, since we’re the only resource online for the ripped Hacker’s Memory sprites, I want to provide to you the Noir sprites as well for completion purposes! Now on the Digimon pages for Sistermon Ciel and Sistermon C (Awaken), you will see an additional dot sprite to the right of the name where you can switch the individual page between Sistermon Ciel and Sistermon Noir. This is only a cosmetic change that swaps out the sprites on the page, as well as the name. While on the Noir version of the page, the small alternate dot sprite on the right side will be for Ciel, so you can switch back to the default version. Enjoy!

View Sistermon Noir’s Digimon Page Here
View Sistermon N (Awaken)’s Digimon Page Here

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