Apocalymon Update for Hacker’s Memory Released and Added to DigiDB

Are you ready for the true Ultra Digimon – with hot and cold running water!? The promised February update for Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory launched this morning, bringing the game to version 1.04. Two main updates are in the game. One, Apocalymon is now released for use in the game. This Ultra level Digimon digivolves from each of the four Dark Masters (but isn’t a DNA of the four). Apocalymon sports one of the highest HP values in the game, and also is the first Digimon to require over 100 ABI to digivolve, a unique trait after the ABI cap was raised to 200 in Hacker’s Memory. Along with the update all new Digimon added through DLC post launch of the game (so Ryudamon’s line and Apocalymon) were shifted in the Field Guide to be placed before the Day 1 Bonus DLC Digimon of the Sistermons and NX Digimon. Get your Dark Masters ready and control your own Apocalymon in battle now!

View Apocalymon’s DigiDB Page Here

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